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EngrCS Institute
All project workshops and club meeting are on Fridays in SBG 126 (unless otherwise specified) and everyone is welcome to attend. Although participating in project workshops does not require any background knowledge or tools, it would be helpful to bring your laptop or tablet if you have one. General meeting is scheduled for 12-12:30 and depending on interest other specific workshops may be planned.
  • General Software Development
  • Game Development
  • Arduino
  • EDbot
  • Robotic Rover
  • Power/Energy Generation
  • BioEngineering
All Engineering and Computer Science students, and those interested in the field are encouraged to attend. It is highly recommended that you start with only one project workshop. You may attend multiple workshops after you feel more comfortable with the first project.

All project workshops and club meetings are on Fridays during Fall/Winter/Spring terms and there will be none during Summer term, breaks and holidays. For an introductory overview of Engineering and Computer Sciecne with mini-projects click here .

Please click here to contact us if you need more information, would like to join, or have a proposal for a new project.

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