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DipTrace - Schematic Capture and PC Board Layout

TDS1000- and TDS2000-Series Digital Storage Oscilloscope
User Manual

Extexh EX470 True RMS Multimeter and InfraRed Thermometer
User Manual

Minimum Calculator Functionality Required for Engineering & CS
Trigonometry, Matrix and Complex Numbers operations
A good example is Casio fx-115ES PLUS Engineering/Scientific Calculator.
This calculator sells for $14.29 on Amazon.

Circuit Simulator - Basic-level using Java applets
Run simulator

Scheme-It: A Graphical Tool for Designing Circuits with extensive component list from Digikey
Developer, Download and Documentation

TinyCAD: A Graphical Tool for Designing Logic Circuits
Developer, Download and Documentation

LogiSim: A Graphical Tool for Designing and Simulating Logic Circuits
Developer, Download and Documentation

PSpice Circuit Simulator (OrCAD) - OrCAD 16.6 PCB Designer Lite (OrCAD Capture, PSpice Simulation)
Ver 16.6 Download & integrated documentation

PSpice Circuit Simulator (LTspice XVII)- Professional PSPICE-based Schematic capture and simulator by Analog Devices-LT
Downloads: Analog Devices (recommended) | Engrcs (Windows-backup)
Getting Started Guide

Active-HDL Development Environment by Aldec Company

MATLAB and Simulink by The MathWorks
MATLAB Tutorial
Simulink Tutorial

MATLAB Equivalent - Scilab (Open Source equivalent of MATLAB)
Scilab download and support
Start up difference between Scilab and MATLAB
MATLAB commends with Scilab equivalents

MPLAB Integrated Development Environment by Microchip (Version 5.10):
Windows (x86/x64       Mac(10.X)       Linux (32/64)       Developer
MPLAB X IDE v2.10 (Windows x86/x64)
    MPLAB X IDE is also available for MAC OS and Linux at www.microchip.com.
PicKit 2 Programing Guide

Scratch Graphical/Animation Development Environment
Developers : MIT Scratch Team
Getting Started Guide

C/C++ Development Environment (IDE) by BloodShed Open Source

Java Development Environment (IDE) by BloodShed Open Source
User Documentation

Java Monkey Game Engine

CAD software for 3D printing
Developer site and download

Simulation of Engineering & Scientific Principals
PhET Simulations

Electronics suppliers:
Amazon is a good source for most items
Digikey is a good source for more specialized and if you need large number of parts
online reltail for Asican Brands that may not have direct presence in the West

If you are unable to find the right tool you need or want to suggest a new tool, please Contact us

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