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Course Number & Title:
CSE 121, "Introduction to C" , 5 Credits


Text Books:
Programming in C, 3rd Edition by Kochan
ISBN-10: 0672326663 Published by Prentice Hall

Additional Material:
Link to Canvas
USB flash drive

A grade of “C” or better in Math& 151 (Math 113), ENGR 120, CSE 120, ENGR 109 (ENGR 111), or CTEC 121; or consent of Instructional Unit

Course Description and Outcomes:
Introduction to the C programming language. Emphasis on program design, verification, and testing. Programming related concepts in computer science will be covered. The student learning objectives are outlined below:
  • Analyze and explain computer programs involving fundamental programming constructs.
  • Design, code, test and debug programs that use the following fundamental programming constructs: Input and output functions, Data storage, data types, variables, Operators, expressions, statements, control structures, functions, arrays, string functions, file input/output, Linear search, and bubble or exchange sort.
  • Apply software development Life cycle, problem partitioning, decomposition and top-down design approaches.
  • Use of debugging and code tracing techniques.
  • Demonstrate the ability to work effectively in a team.
Course Schedule (subject to change):
  Lecture Topics   Assignments
  Ch 1, 2 & 3 - Introduction, Programming Overview,
    Compiling. Running on Clark’s system

    Basic Linux Commands
    Basic vi Commands
    vi Commands

  Enter, Compile & Run:
  page 15 -- Program 3.4
  page 17 -- Program 3.6
  Due: 9/27
  Ch 4. Variables, Data Types, Arithmetics
    Expressions & Number Systems

  Page 40: problems 2,3,5,6
  Programming Assignment #1
  Due: 10/4
  Ch 5 - Program Looping

  Programming Assignment #2
  Due: 10/11
  Ch 6. Making Decisions & Control structures

  Programming Assignment #3
  Due: 10/18

  Midterm - 10/22
  Ch 7. Arrays & Review

  Programming Assignment #4
  Due: 10/25
  Ch 8. Function

  Programming Assignment #5
  Due: 11/1
  Ch 9. Functions (Continued) & structures

  Programming Assignment #6
  Due: 11/8
  Ch 10. Character & Strings

  Programming Assignment #7
  Due: 11/15
  Ch 11. Pointers

  Programming Assignment #8   Due: 11/22
  Preprocessor, Working with Larger Files, Make

  p299 - 307
  p333 - 344
  Ch 16. Input & Output Operations

  Programming Assignment #9
  Due: 12/6
  Comprehensive Final Exam - for schedule visit: www.clark.edu/academics/schedule

Student Evaluation:
  • Programming Assignments(20 points each)
  • Midterm tests (100 points each)
  • Comprehensive final exam (150 points)

Points are only awarded for tests, quizzes, labs and projects that are completed and delivered on the assigned due dates and times. In all other instances, zero points will be awarded unless the student has made prior arrangements with the instructor.

Course Letter Grade:
Final class letter grade will be awarded based on the total percent of possible points earned by each student as outlined below:

A A- B+ B B- C+ C D F
>94% 94-90% 89-87% 86-83% 82-80% 79-76% 75-70% 69-60% <60%

Students are required to read and follow the Student Responsibilities and Code of Student Conduct as outline in the institute's Catalog.

Cheating/Plagiarism: You are expected to do your own work. Copying or rewriting someone else's online or offline work, having someone else do your work, or cheating in any fashion will result in zero point for that test or assignment in addition to penalties prescribed by college policies. A second offense will result in an automatic 'F' for the class.

Computer or Equipment Misuse: Students are expected to obey the Equipment and Computer Usage Guidelines. Students who misuse the equipments or computers will be expelled from the class and/or lab.

Emergency Exception:
If the instructor judges that the situation warrants special consideration, he may choose to make special allowances in extreme cases.

ADA Accommodations:
If you have emergency medical information which should be shared; or if you require assistance in case the building should be evacuated; please make an appointment to see me as soon as possible during the office hours indicated in this syllabus. Any student with a disability who may require some consideration or assistance in order to fully participate in this class should contact the Disability Support Services Office at (360) 992-2314 or (360) 992-2835 (TTY) or stop by PUB 006.

Disclaimer: The information presented here is deemed to be accurate but we make no guarantee, warranty or representation to its completeness or accuracy. It is your responsibility to independently confirm accuracy and completeness.
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